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Prejudice in Poker

propeciarbt.comPrejudice in Poker. Poker players often say that one of the beauties of the game is that they are all on equal footing at the poker table. When the game starts with cash, everyone has the same opportunity to buy for an equal amount. In the tournament, everyone receives the same amount of chips.

But are we all the same? Even better, did we all “look” like equals at the poker table? I would say not.

We all know that Bandar poker is a game of incomplete information. Combining pieces of a poker hand is a solution to the puzzle: it requires some evaluation, study and problem solving. But I’m not naive enough to believe that people do not bring certain prejudices to the poker table, either live or online.

bandar poker

I’m to blame for this myself

If I’m involved in an online game, and someone is showing a hometown with more characters than letters, I can not help but make certain assumptions about their playing style, although, in truth, I could not even try to indicate it. What city on the map.

What I found is the crazy spelling of the city of origin, the craziest characters and the least vocals, the more it means that you are dealing with a hyper-aggressive player. And almost never fails. The same goes for Norwegians and Swedes. Spaniards and Italians (and to some extent Brazilians) have a more deceptive and cunning reputation on the Internet, while Americans tend to prefer ABC’s relatively simple playing style until they can prove otherwise.

In live games, as a general rule, older people tend to be harsh and passive, and young people tend to be free and aggressive. I won thousands and thousands of hours in cash games and I can not remember AN aggressive free player who also turned out to be old. It just does not happen. Jamaicans usually converse at the table and aggressively play King-Jack (which they know as Kingston, Jamaica). Asians have a very sharp and aggressive reputation, break with the top pair and pursue hot flashes and straights, no matter how. Asian women, however, are among the strongest players you have ever seen.

So, how relevant is all this information?

Not really It’s just a glimpse of a poker player at some of the stereotypes I’ve encountered in my countless hours of play, both online and live. In poker, however, it is always useful to judge the information you have. And something like the way a person from a certain part of the world tends to play can be useful in those limit solutions where there is no other information available to you.

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